Layer Health Compendium

With Assistance of a USDA-SARE grant Karma has put together a 60 page manual entitled "Remedies for Health Problems of the Organic Laying Flock: A Compendium and Workbook of Management, Nutritional, Herbal, and Homeopathic Remedies."  It is not a diagnostic tool but rather includes alternative treatments for many common and uncommon health problems found in laying hens.  From the Introduction:

"The inspiration for this manual came out of a frustration while trying to find natural health care techniques for my certified organic layer flock.  I had at my disposal numerous excellent diagnostic guides for determining what ailed my flock, but very little practical information for treating them with non-conventional remedies.  I pieced together information from old herbals and homeopathic materia medicas to develop remedies for my flock with herbs, foods, and homeopathy that I had readily available on my farm.  This led me to think that perhaps other small organic flock owners were trying similar things that could be shared amongst us all.  To obtain this information I surveyed other small producers in the northeast, studied numerous old and new publications, and scoured the Internet for the latest thoughts on natural layer healthcare.  

 The result is a compendium of this knowledge with room for the compilation of more information as it becomes available to you.  You will not necessarily ever see some of these problems (i.e. Newcastle Disease) and others will most likely plague your flock repeatedly (i.e. lice).  This compendium gives you a jumping off place to begin the development of your own healthcare practices for the specifics of your flock.  It does, however, assume a certain level of organic management practices such as access to pasture, natural light, organic feed, and ample space for birds to carry out their natural behaviors.  These practices provide the foundation of good bird health and immunity on which all herbal and homeopathic remedies depend.


This manual is not intended to diagnose disease or other ailments.  There are several excellent diagnostic guides for this purpose and I fully recommend consulting them regularly.  You may also find local extension help or vets for diagnosing more complicated illnesses."

The manual  can be downloaded for free or ordered post-paid for $10.00 direct from our farm.  The paper copy is in a metal spiral binder.  We orginally had copies available free from our grant but have given all of those away.

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