Kingbird Farm offers a wide range of poultry raised free-range on pasture and fed high quality certified organic feeds.
Current Prices and Availablity
Our laying hens are bred, born, and raised on our farm and introduced to pasture as soon as weather permits.  We currently have a flock of 300 Black Australorps with 20 roosters.   During the growing season they are rotationally grazed on certified organic pasture around an open-air hoophouse shelter.  When the weather turns foul the hens are moved to a spacious greenhouse near the barn.  They spend the winter on a deep composting pack that they can scratch while the composting heat keeps them warm.  The hens receive only certified organic feed, alfalfa hay, and free-choice supplements (grit, oyster shell, kelp).  The eggs are hand-collected, cleaned, and packed on farm and delivered to market immediately.  Happy hens and the freshest eggs are our constant goals.
summer layers

winter australorps

Our broiler chickens are raised from chicks in a bright, open-air brooder on certified organic feed and fresh greens.  We currently purchase day old chicks of a European breed that are bred for slow growth on range and excellent flavor.  They are moved to pasture at two-three weeks old and allowed free-range access to 1/8 acre (25 sq. ft/bird).  They feed and graze on pasture and seek shelter  when needed.  These healthy, robust birds are processed by us on farm to reduce stress for the bird and ensure healthy, fresh food for you. At the end of each season we raise a batch of slow growing chickens that have superior flavor because of their breeds and slow growth. We are only raising a limited number of birds this year.  Check our website for availabilty.

Freedom Rangers
Broilers on Pasture
  The ducks are started in a sunny, warm hoophouse brooder and released out onto pasture as soon as weather allows.  They are fed certified organic feed and watered in large troughs so they can swim and preen in the sunshine.  The ducks are also processed on farm by us and guaranteed delicious.


Stew Hens
We are happy to offer a very rare bird indeed.  The old-fashioned, like-grandma-remembers delicious stewing hens.  These are our retired laying hens that we process on farm for a very good soup bird.  Stew them long and slow for rich, warm flavor.  We usually have these in mid-fall.

Soup/Stew Chickens
Now that we produce all our own breeding and hatching we have a good numbers of cockerols as part of producing more laying hens each year.  These 4-6 months old birds are great four soup, stew, or ther slow cooked meals.

All Poultry Certified Organic by NOFA-NY Certified Organic LLC

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