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rutabaga tennis

                                  Practing for the Annual Rutabaga Curl
Please note that we are developing a new website over the next few months.  I will strive to keep the basic information on this page (like updates and product availability) up to date but won't be updating articles and other parts until we have the new site. 

This coming Saturday (December 20th, 10 am-2pm) is the last outdoor market of the year and there of course will be the famous Rutabaga Curl.  After a dismal showing last year I have been practing night and day as shown above where I even resorted to playing Rutabaga tennis (and wearing shorts).  Please join us.  We will have lots of meat, herbs, potatoes, shallots and garlic.  Come stock up on roasts, steaks, chops, sausages, smoked meats and more. 

  We have a great selection of pork, beef, and duck.  While we are out of broiler chickens for the year we have soup roosters that are great for moist cooking including soups, stews and baking (keep covered).  And don't forgot six varieties of potatoes (by the pound or bag), onions, shallots, garlic, dried (and occassionaly fresh) herbs and eggs (if you get there early).  Meat and eggs are also available at the farm.  Email or call us if you would like us to put together a specific order for you and we can bring it to the market or have it ready to you at the farm.  Find our meat list here.  
We also have pork available by the half or whole.

Kingbird Farm produces a diverse array of certified organically raised meats, produce, and value-added items. Our products include: certified organic pork, chicken, eggs, culinary herbs, and produce (includes onions, garlic, shallots, potatoes, and other vegetables). We also raise certified organic feeder pigs and  grassfed Highland X Angus beef.  Our field work is done with the use of our Fjord and Haflinger horses.

We are certifed organic by NOFA-NY Certified Organic LLC (a USDA accredited certifier) for our produce, pastures, piglets, chickens, ducks, and eggs.

Our products are currently available by preorder, at our self serve store on the farm and t
he Ithaca Farmers Market. We try to market everything we raise no farther than 30 miles from the farm.  Support your local farmer!   We are at the market every Saturday from April to December.  Meat and eggs are always available self serve on the farm.

Michael and Karma Glos
9398 W. Creek Rd.
Berkshire, NY 13736
(607) 657-2860